Customer Service

Product purchase:

CLEAN BOAT will make every possible effort to provide you with the best quality service, but cannot be held responsible for any price or product characteristic mistakes, and also cannot guarantee that there will not be any webpage malfunctions or human mistakes regarding the information or price of a product that is present online on this webpage.

For the most efficient and flawless purchase procedure, please inform us for any unusual price or information of a product, before you proceed with your order. You can use the following contact leads: or click here  to our e-mail help form.

Item Availiability:

The availability of an item is noted on the Product Detail page as one of these four categories: “In Stock,” “In Store Only,” “Coming Soon” or “Backorder” .Most items are In Stock and ready to ship. Some items are either not yet available (Coming Soon), temporarily out-of-stock (Backorder).

The Product Is Sold Out:

If the product is not immediately deliverable then contact the sales department at 213 0410139 10:00-16:00 Mon-Fri for the shipping and delivery date.

Delay of an order delivery:

Your order delivery may be delayed due to the following reasons:

  • An ordered product had been delayed from our distributor. In such case, you’ll be contacted immediately to be informed.
  • The product that you ordered has been canceled by the company and is not available anymore. In such case you will be contacted by a sales representative to provide alternative solutions.
  • Under bad weather conditions, strikes or force majeure.
  • In case your submitted not valid data.
Shipping information:

All the ordered products will be delivered at the shipping address the user submitted, after there has been a confirmation of the payment of the purchase order and as long as all the ordered products are available. In any other case, you will be informed immediately in order to resolve any delivery issues.

Sincerely yours,

Clean Boat Greece