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Step 4

1#4- Apply on surface

Apply on a dry surface from bottom to top and

Removes: rust , yellow veil , barnacles from hull

2#4- Let it rest some seconds.

3#4- Wipe/Scrub

Wipe the surface and scrub with a sponge, a cloth, a broom.. if needed.

4#4- Rinse thoroughly

Rinse the cleaned surface well with water.

It has the particularity to efficiently remove the static film from all the surfaces and leaves on a protective, waterproofing coat that fights outside factors (pollution, salt, etc.).

It respects the environment thanks to its 98% biodegradability and doesn’t leave any marks.

Note: When apply on inox, dilute it with water (20% of product- 80% of water) and rinse very well after application.


Instructions for use 

Safety Data Sheet